View the design options and tell us what you think!

5 months ago

We’re excited to share three draft visions for what the Flemington Community @ Debneys Park could look like in the short, medium and long term.

These visions are shown as ‘concept designs’. They are designs that allow us to see what the possibilities are, including what can fit, where. They are not final. We are exploring three options to explore different possibilities.

We are keen to know what you think about the concept designs.

Your feedback will help us to decide on a preferred concept option that we can develop further and present back to you later in 2019.

The concept design options have been guided by what you have told us previously, our research and our understanding of what is needed in the Flemington neighbourhood and surrounds.

To view the concept designs go to the Document Library in the right hand column. For more information on the concept designs, refer to Project Information in the right hand column.

Tell us what you about our concept designs and comment in our guestbook, or fill out our Feedback Form at the 'Surveys & Forms' tab.