What parts of the playspace are accessible for children with a disability?

    The hard paved access paths have been designed to be accessible and areas of rubber surfacing increase accessibility to key play elements such as slides, swings and spinner. All play elements have various degrees of accessibility with the spinner selected specifically as an inclusive element.  

    The picnic setting design allows a wheelchair to be located up to the table and seats allow space alongside for wheelchairs (or prams). 

    Can the playspace include a barbeque?

    A barbecue is not preferred in this location as it is relatively difficult to access for cleaning. We would also need to exclude some play equipment to include one in the available budget.

    Why is the playspace at that location in the reserve?

    The playspace location was determined during the preparation of the AJ Davis Reserve Master Plan which was consulted on with the community.

    When will the playspace be constructed?

    The implementation of this playspace is subject to final design and Council’s budgetary processes. At this stage, construction is expected to take place in 2022/23.

    Why will it take so long?

    The construction timing has been determined by Council with the view to accommodate all budgetary demands.

    How much will the playspace cost to build?

    The design is based on a construction budget that will be confirmed as part of the 2022/23 budget adoption process.

    What about the other elements of the master plan?

    The implementation of other aspects of the master plan will be undertaken in accordance with annual budgetary processes. Updates will be made on the AJ Davis Reserve Master Plan page regarding improvement works.