The third block of Council's Community Advisory Panel will kick off on 20 April 2024. We're looking forward to working with the Panel over the coming weeks as we progress some important deliberations. The task for the panel is to consider the following question:

To kick off their thinking and support them in their deliberation journey, Community Advisory Panel members have been provided with a Community Advisory Panel Handbook.

The Panel will meet on the following days at the Clocktower in Moonee Ponds:

  • Saturday 20 April - 9am–3:30pm
  • Saturday 4 May - 9am–1pm
  • Saturday 11 May - 9am–3:30pm
  • Saturday 18 May - 9am–3:30pm

Day 1 Update - 20 April 2024

With a sense of purpose, Moonee Valley's Community Advisory Panel convened for its third block on April 20th, delving into the crucial topic of ‘housing for all’ in line with our MV2040 Strategy and ahead of the development of our Housing Strategy.

The day began with the panel acquainting themselves with their role, how to work together and developing an understanding of the tasks awaiting them in the weeks ahead.

Council's Senior Strategic Planner shed light on the complexities surrounding housing considerations, setting the stage for the discussions to follow. Adding depth to the conversation, three expert speakers delivered concise presentations in the Pecha Kucha format.

We’ve now got a two-week break as Panel members absorb the information presented, preparing to engage in thoughtful deliberations. In this shared endeavor, the community takes steps toward a future where housing is inclusive and accessible to all in Moonee Valley.

We welcome observers at all of our sessions and request you have a read of our Observer Guidelines prior to attending.

An external facilitator with expertise in deliberative panels has been engaged to assist staff run the Panel workshops.

Demographic factors were identified to select a Panel that is reflective of the community. These factors are gender, age groups, Council Wards, neighbourhoods, and diversity identified through usual language spoken at home and country of birth.

The demographic breakdown of the third block of our Community Advisory Panel is below.

Find out more about our previous Panels

Expand the sections below to learn more about out previous Panels and find out more about the Panel outcomes.

The panel responded to the remit; 'How can Council achieve biodiversity in our public open spaces?' with 20 recommendations for Council consideration as it reviews the Open Space Strategy.

View the recommendations of the Panel here.

There are a number of further consultations that were informed by the work of the Community Advisory Panel including the Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines consultation, and our Open Space Strategy consultation.

The panel considered the customer experience of Moonee Valley and prepared a draft vision for the Customer Charter to guide how the community interacts with Council services and programs.

Click here to review the Customer Experience Vision consultation.