What is indented parking?

    Indented parking is where car parking bays are located beside the road, rather than on the side of the road. This is useful in narrow roads where parking on the side of the road would restrict the flow of a lane of traffic. Indented parking can be parallel to the road, at and angle or 90 degrees. For this project we are proposing parallel indented parking with the exception of the parking to the school frontage which is proposed to continue the existing angled parking arrangement.

    What is passive irrigation?

    Passive irrigation is where we can capture or direct rain or stormwater flows to water grass, trees or garden beds using surfaces that absorb water and gravity. One example is to make a break in a gutter to allow water to flow into a tree pit. As well as irrigating and improving the health of plants, this has the added benefit of improving the quality of local waterways such as the Maribyrnong River by slowing down the water flows and reducing pollutants going into the river. The design and location of the passive irrigation will be determined during the next stage of design.

    Why is extra parking planned for the area?

    The indented parking is an action of the Clifton Park Master Plan which identified traffic congestion and parking at or over capacity during peak use times at Clifton Park.

    Why are trees being removed?

    The design avoids tree removal where possible however in some cases in order to install parking and paths it may be unavoidable. Any trees removed will be replaced and together with new trees proposed will result in an overall  increase in trees. 

    The design has been prepared in consultation with council’s arborist to prepare a design that avoids impact on most trees, identifies where trees will need to be removed due to impacts of the works or safety concerns and nominates locations of new and replacement trees. 

    The detailed design will specify construction methods sympathetic to existing trees.

    How much will the project cost to build?

    The design is based on a construction budget that will be confirmed as part of the 2022/23 budget adoption process.

    When will the works be constructed?

    At this stage, construction is expected to take place in 2022/23. The implementation of these works is subject to final design and Council’s budgetary processes.

    Why is the design proposed on some school land?

    The design proposes to utilise a 1- 1.2m wide strip of Aberfeldie Primary School land to enable a path to be installed between the relocated school fence and the indented parking. Including a path will enable us to improve pedestrian access and safety and to provide a continuous connection to the Clifton Park and the footpath to the east end of Ramsay Street. The new path will mean we need to replace some trees which will be replaced as part of the works.