Why is Council running this survey?

    The survey covers a range of topics that will help Council provide services and programs that meet the needs of residents. It is important to us that the community has the opportunity to provide input into topics such as these so that we can make sure that we are appropriately responding to the needs of residents. 

    How many households has the survey been sent to?

    The survey has been sent to approximately 6,000 randomly selected households. A stratified sampling technique has been used to ensure that all areas within the municipality are represented. It is important that we hear from all members of the community so that we have the information to better plan for all of our residents.

    Privacy details

    Address for the survey have been drawn from a list of all addresses in Moonee Valley. This list of addresses has been provided to Creative Data Solutions so that they can manage the data entry of responses, which ensures your anonymity to Council. Creative Data Solutions manages this data in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic), ensuring that the information is secure and not used for any other purpose. This research is being conducted in accordance with Council’s Research Privacy and Ethics policy, which can be found here: www.mvcc.vic.gov.au/surveyprivacy