What is the main priority for the draft plan?

    The use of active transport modes has significantly increased during the pandemic (fun fact – bicycle sales have quadrupled during the COVID-19 pandemic!) and that State and Local Governments are actively working on implementing infrastructure to support the increased use of active transport modes. 

    We know that people are out walking and cycling, and the items are proposed to ensure they can do it safely and conveniently. 

    Why is there a focus on 'pop up' bicycle lanes?

    Pop up infrastructure can be basically seen as a trial – it can be implemented quickly and cheaply to provide immediate benefits during this difficult time.

    It then allows us to monitor its impacts and effectiveness, and be responsive to any changes required (for example, to safety concerns). 

    The proposed 'pop up' items in the draft plan are intended to be achieved in consultation and cooperation with State Government’s Department of Transport to ensure road network continues to operate safely and appropriately. 

    Will there be any impacts to parking?

    Projects ideas were developed to minimise the overall impact to access and parking.

    We will notify the relevant stakeholders prior to implementation.