What is the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan)?

    The Council Plan is a mid-term strategic document. It outlines how we will work over the next four years to achieve our MV2040 vision of a healthy city. 

    While the Council Plan is legislative requirement under the Local Government Act 2020 (section 90), it is also an important tool to articulate, communicate and report on how Council will achieve its vision. 

    Why is the Health Plan integrated into the Council Plan?

    Councils are required to develop a Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (Health Plan) every four years. Like the previous Council Plan, the Health Plan will be integrated with the Council Plan and presented as one document. Integrating these two plans will allow us to focus on building a healthy city for our community. This includes the services we deliver, programs we run and the infrastructure we build.  

    What is the MV2040 Strategy?

    MV2040 is Moonee Valley’s long-term strategy articulating Council’s community vision of a healthy city. It has five themes: Fair, Connected, Thriving, Green and Beautiful. MV2040 was adopted by Council in June 2018 after extensive consultation with the community. The Council Plan will integrate with and take direction from MV2040.

    What Actions will be included from the MV2040 Strategy and the MV2040 Action Plans?

    The Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) will draw on the existing MV2040 Strategy and the adopted MV2040 Action Plans. Since MV2040 was adopted in 2018, COVID-19 has had significant impacts on our community. The Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) will be an opportunity to work with our community and partners to look at the COVID-19 impacts, identify focus areas and further explore how Council can support community recovery to contribute to a healthy and thriving community.  

    How can I provide my input into the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan)?

    A series of engagement activities will take place between March and May 2021 to engage community on the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan). 

    This will commence with Phase 1 of the engagement including an online survey via YourSay and conversations with community and partners.

    Further engagement will take place following this in May. 

    How will you use the information collected in the survey and conversations?

    The information collected through the Phase 1 will help us to identify issues and opportunities to achieve a healthy city. Your feedback is very important to us. It helps us shape the direction and priorities of the Council Plan (integrated the Health Plan). Your answers are anonymous and you won’t be identifiable.

    Is the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) budgeted?

    All actions that will be included in the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) will be costed and budgeted for.

    When will the Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) be presented to Council?

    The draft Council Plan (integrating the Health Plan) will be presented to Council in August seeking community feedback, with a final version to be presented by 31 October 2021.