Barriers to accessing sport

2 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Have you and/or the person you care for experienced barriers to accessing sport?  What types of things will help make accessing sport easier for you/the person you care for?

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  • Dools 8 months ago
    Sporting clubs, coaches and their committees seem unable to respond or know how best to facilitate people with different abilities into their programs. Our experiences with football, swimming, cricket, soccer, martial arts, tennis and athletics have demonstrated to our family that although clubs appear outwardly welcoming but they are often left to think on the spot on how to adapt training drills/sports to support an individual to play. There appears limited resources for clubs to access to guide them on how best to facilitate access. We have often felt isolated as clubs work out what division or category meets our needs. As it stands we have just learnt to advocate for ourselves as clubs feel ill equipped to navigate disability sports resources.
  • Voltaire 9 months ago
    My closest bowling club, which I joined, seems to be in a downward spiral with an ageing membership unable to revitalise it. Whilst welcoming, the members don’t really have the capacity to help somebody disabled and new to the sport. I am soon to be 60 and am sure part of my difficulty is having an effective entree to the club and having the confidence to actually ‘have a go’. Council could facilitate a twice yearly ‘roll up’ of sporting clubs that could take those of us with needs and/or our carers through what clubs and supports are available. I know this would take a lot of work to organise but it would be helpful. I think it is a bit more than a drop in centre.
  • nicdansmum 10 months ago
    rules for clubs that are funded by council as in tax payers pay for the upgrades for these clubs who think it is their right to discriminate and pick and choose who can do what and to include everyone not just their little clicks of friends, winners, mates on the committee who have not got a clue about the difficulties parents/carers face to find inclusion for the people they care for and that we dont are for their politics and drama . that is what these clubs want so you walk away and your person misses out in their own community
  • nicdansmum 10 months ago
    I have lots of trouble accessing tennis clubs in the area and being accepted and the politics of committee members who make things difficult and make up their own rules to suit themselves and discriminate against miniorities and have no idea how hard it is for our children to feel welcomed
  • Yallop Court 10 months ago
    Carers need time to access sport. Council is removing respite and so carers have little to no opportunity to be part of sport in the community.
  • Andrea 10 months ago
    Extra finances and not so competitive eg must come first all the time