Where can I/the person I care for find sporting opportunities locally?

    AAA Find an Activity website can help you a sporting activity in your local area. 

    Visit https://aaavic.org.au/search-for-find-an-activity  or call 1800 222 842. or visit

    The Disability Sport and Recreation Victoria website lists the steps you can take to find a sport and/or recreational opportunity in your area https://dsr.org.au/sportrec-access/

    Reclink offers a range of socially inclusive sports and arts program.  Call 03 9419 6672 or visit https://www.reclink.org/

    Council's Metro Access Officer can direct you to local sporting opportunities.  Call 9243 1405

    What supports are available through the NDIS to participate in sport?

    Disability Sport and Recreation Victoria has developed a guide to assist people with a disability who have a goal of playing sport to access funding through the NDIS.

    To view a copy of the NDIS Sport Guide visit  https://dsr.org.au/ndis-sports-guide/

    Does Council provide any support and/or resources to access sport?

    Council is currently consulting with the community to gain a greater understanding of how we can meet the sporting aspirations of people with a disability.  If you have a disability and would like to access a sporting club and require assistance, please contact the Metro Access Officer on 9243 1405.