Council is proposing to consent to a request from a property owner who is seeking approval to change Council’s easement rights affecting their property. A summary is included below:

Project type:

Proposed abandonment and creation of easement

Affected land:

3 Garden Street, Essendon

Land ownership:

Private ownership

Financial implications for Council:

None. The new easement will be acquired by Council by agreement for nominal consideration and the land owner has agreed to pay Council’s costs to complete the transaction.

Project summary:

The change to Council’s easement rights will require Council to abandon an existing 3.05m wide easement in full and create a new 2.5m wide easement over the existing bluestone drain located at the rear of the owner’s property.

To comply with Council’s statutory obligations contained in the Local Government Act 2020 for the acquisition of the new easement, this notice is published to inform the community that Council will agree to abandon the existing easement in full and acquire the new easement to facilitate the development of the owner’s property.