What are the draft MV2040 Action Plans?

    MV2040, Moonee Valley’s long-term strategy, is our vision to create a healthy city with five themes: Fair, Connected, Thriving, Green and Beautiful.

    A series of action plans are being developed for each of these themes and will detail how MV2040 actions will be implemented. 

    The draft Fair Action Plan addresses the five strategic directions under the ‘Fair’ theme in MV2040. 

    What will be included in the Fair Action Plan?

    The Fair Action Plan is a six-year action plan. It outlines how Council will work with communities for better and more equitable social outcomes. It has a focus on community building and applies a place-based approach to planning, delivery and engagement. Council recognises the link between disadvantage and poorer health outcomes.

    The draft Fair Action Plan includes 135 items, delivered by departments across Council.

    What are major programs?

    The draft Fair Action Plan includes Major Programs to encourage Council to:

    • work together to implement actions that address multiple priorities
    • emphasise collaboration across Council teams and with our community and partners
    • create efficiencies and deliver well-designed and impactful interventions to improve the health, social and economic outcomes for our community.

    There are 10 major programs:

    Major Program


    1.  Celebrate diversity

    celebrate, include and recognise our diverse communities through community-led programs, events and activities to create a welcoming and inclusive city.

    2.  Economic participation

    Seeks to enable target populations to achieve a level of economic participation that others in the community experience.

    3.  The power of place - Place-based service delivery

    Seeks to activate community hubs with services, programs and events that meet the diverse needs of residents at the neighbourhood level with an emphasis on the needs of target populations, specifically in Flemington, Ascot Vale and Avondale Heights.

    4.  Zero barrier access

    Seeks to reduce or remove barriers to accessing Council services, facilities and programs so that we can best respond to the needs of community members, with particular regard to target populations.

    5.  Safety for all

    Seeks to ensure spaces, places, programs and services are safe and inclusive for all. We will address safety priorities in our community such as violence against women and children, elder abuse, family violence, gender inequality, sexual and reproductive health and extreme weather events.

    6.  Neighbourhood Empowerment Framework

    Will facilitate and support opportunities for community members to provide input into Council decisions and programs and play an active role in their community.

    7.  Healthy neighbourhoods

    Seeks to ensure our community can live full and healthy lives by improving access to sustainable and nutritious foods, creating more opportunities for walking and active living, reducing harm from gambling, alcohol and other drugs and creating tobacco free environments.

    8.  Inclusion and Diversity in sport and active recreation

    Builds on sport and other active recreation settings as a vehicle to create social change and ensure all people in our community can access recreation opportunities that suit their interests, stage of life and ability.

    9.  Connected communities

    Will provide opportunities for all community members to meaningfully engage and connect through inclusive services, programs and initiatives that facilitate positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes and social connection.

    10.  Affordable and diverse housing

    Will address the diversity and affordability of housing by advocating for affordable housing, working with partners to address homelessness and developing referral pathways to support those sleeping rough or homeless.

    How was the draft Fair Action Plan developed?

    The draft Fair Action Plan was developed following in-depth background research and community engagement. A number of meetings, workshops and activities were undertaken with community members and stakeholders to supplement the extensive engagement undertaken to inform MV2040.

    We sought feedback from:

    • Combined IDEA and Wellbeing Portfolio Advisory Committees
    • Fair Action Plan Reference Group - this group is made up of community members and representatives from key organisations
    • All Portfolio Advisory Committees
    • Disability Reference Group
    • Active Ageing Reference Group
    • Early Years’ Reference Group
    • Homelessness stakeholders at a roundtable
    • Young People’s Committee.

    These activities were also supported by a number of staff engagement activities involving departments from across Council. 

    When will the Fair Action Plan be presented to Council?

    The draft Fair Action Plan was presented to Council on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 for endorsement to consult.

    The Fair Action Plan is expected to be presented to Council in early 2020. 

    How can I give my feedback?

    The draft Fair Action Plan is on consultation until Friday, 24 January 2020. 

    A workshop will be held on Monday, 2 December to get input from a number of reference groups including the Fair Action Plan Reference Group.  If you would like to attend, please contact Sally Abbott on 9243 1176.

    We encourage you to provide feedback and let us know if we’ve got the draft Fair Action Plan right.

    Visit mvcc.vic.gov.au/mv2040action to give your feedback.

    For more information please visit mvcc.vic.gov.au/mv2040action or contact our Community Planning Officer by email to community@mvcc.vic.gov.au or call 9243 1176.

    What are you trying to get out of the consultation period?

    We want to make sure we have the draft Fair Action Plan right. The consultation phase will be important to get feedback from our community and partners on the items included in the action plan.

    NB: the MV2040 Strategic Directions, Objectives and Actions are not negotiable. These were adopted by Council in June 2018. 

    When will the Fair Action Plan be delivered?

    Following consultation, feedback will be incorporated into the final Fair Action Plan and is expected to be presented to Council for endorsement in early 2020.

    From 2020 – 2025 the Fair Action Plan will be delivered by 10 departments. Council will ensure its services are appropriately resourced and oriented to deliver the 135 Fair Action Plan items across Moonee Valley.

    Updates on implementation will be provided regularly to Council and our community. 

    If you would like to receive updates on the Fair Action Plan, please let us know by emailing community@mvcc.vic.gov.au