The upgrade of the Fanny Street Reserve bike track was identified in the Young People Outdoors Opportunities Report and associated Council Resolution from April 2021. In 2022, we consulted on a draft design for the bike track and received feedback responses about the appropriateness of the size of the track and the type of user it accommodated in a park of the size of Fanny Street Reserve. You can review the feedback received through the community consultation here.

As a result of the feedback received more time was allocated to the design phase and further refinements were made to meet the needs of all park users. The updated design is now complete, and the revised design can be found here for community information.

The design has been updated with the following changes based on feedback we heard from the consultation phase:

  • Size of track has been reduced to balance the existing size and use of the park and to ensure pedestrian access from the park to Evans Street.
  • Removal of the advanced course containing gap jumps, due to reduced size of facility and to address safety concerns.
  • The small pump track has been removed to minimise impact on the park and retain a buffer between the track and existing playspace.

Please note a future permanent jump track is proposed for nearby Montgomery Park.

The new design will be built from compacted earth/dirt track and consists of the following:

  1. Beginner Jumps (the inside line featuring gentle roll-able doubles, with maximum 1.2m high jumps).
  2. Intermediate Jumps (the outside line featuring more challenging roll-able doubles, steep slopes and hip jumps, with maximum 1.6m high jumps).

Depending on Contractor availability, and weather, the works are proposed to be undertaken onsite in early 2024. It is anticipated the works will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.