What is a Local Law

    One of the legislative functions given to Councils is the power to make and enforce Local Laws as an aid to achieving its legislative objectives.  Section 91 of the Local Government Act 1989 requires a Council to have a Local Law to govern its conduct of meetings.

    When was the current Local Law adopted?

    On 15 September 2009, Council resolved to adopt the Governance Local Law 2009 (the current Local Law). The current Local Law commenced on 23 October 2009 following the publication of a notice in the Victorian Government Gazette.

    A number of various amendments have been made to the Meeting Procedure Protocol which is an incorporated document to the current Local Law. The last amendments to the protocol were endorsed by Council on 24 July 2018.

    Why is this review being undertaken?

    Every ten years, Council is required to review the Local Law to ensure it reflects our legislative obligations and that the Local Law keeps pace with our community’s changing expectations.

    The current Local Law is due to expire on 24 October 2019.  Before the expiry date, Council must review, amend (as appropriate), draft and remake the local law.

    Council is reviewing its current Governance Local Law to ensure it meets the community expectations.