What is the purpose of the Governance Rules?

    Their purpose of the Governance Rules is two-fold: to ensure that Council considers and makes decisions on any matter fairly and on the merits, and to ensure that Council’s decision-making processes provide that any person whose rights will be directly affected by a decision of the Council will be entitled to communicate their views and have their interests considered.

    Council is required to adopt new Governance Rules and a new Election Period Policy under section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020.

    The Governance Rules apply to all Councillors and establish proper rules and procedures for the making of decisions, the conduct of meetings and the declaration of conflict of interest as set out in the Act.

    The document addresses Council’s statutory requirements by providing guidance at an operational level to ensure compliance and enhance the transparency and accountability of Councillors and Council officers in regard to governance matters, meeting procedure and during the election period.

    The Local Government Act 2020 sets out Overarching Governance Principles which the Governance Rules should give effect to:

    • Council decisions are to be made and actions taken in accordance with the relevant law;
    • priority is to be given to achieving the best outcomes for the municipal community, including future generations;
    • the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the municipal district, including mitigation and planning for climate change risks, is to be promoted;
    • the municipal community is to be engaged in strategic planning and strategic decision making;
    • innovation and continuous improvement is to be pursued;
    • collaboration with other Councils and Governments and statutory bodies is to be sought;
    • the ongoing financial viability of the Council is to be ensured;
    • regional, state and national plans and policies are to be taken into account in strategic planning and decision making;
    • the transparency of Council decisions, actions and information is to be ensured.