Our purpose

The Community Grants Advisory Committee (Committee) is established to assess and provide objective advice and recommendations on the allocation of the Biannual and Partnership Grants streams of the Community Funding Program (excluding the Social Support category). The Committee’s recommendations are then considered by the Mayor and Councillors at a meeting of Council.

Our context

Moonee Valley City Council’s Community Grants Program provides grants and in-kind support to community organisations, groups, individuals and local business contributing to the health and wellbeing of the municipality.

The Community Grants Program is one of the ways Council supports our community to achieve its long-term vision as outlined in MV2040 for a healthy city that is fair, thriving, connected, green and beautiful.

Our membership

The Committee members are made of:

Up to and including ten (10) Council Officers from a range of levels and departments.

Up to seven (7) Community Members.

Community members can nominate and may be invited, through an open Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Members will be selected and appointed based on merit, skills and expertise, and considering diverse representation of views and backgrounds.

Ideally the Committee will consist of new and previous or existing members to ensure a transfer of knowledge and experience as well as creating new opportunities to participate.