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Childhood love for the Red and Black

by Boz,

I grew up in West Brunswick from 1962 to 1987 to Migrant parents whom had little interest for our great game, but luckily I had an older brother that gave me my passion for my beloved Bombers. Growing up in Brunswick most people either followed Essendon or Carlton and there was a real rivalry throughout all of the adjoining suburbs. I remember from an early age knowing when a game was being played  because of all the Red and Black supporters trudging across the suburbs on their way to either Windy Hill or Princes Park, I would immediately follow the long parade of  supporters even as a young 10 year old and would meet up with so many friends as I walked from home to Windy Hill. As a child it was larger than life to see all these people on the streets all marching to our beloved Windy Hill, and as you neared the ground you could hear the already amassing crowd and I so vividly still now remember the thrill I felt knowing I would soon see Essendon play.

As you entered the ground the electrifying buzz of the crowd really hit you and you could barely breathe let alone move while you made your way through the crowd to get as high as you could on top of the hill to get a glimpse of your heroes. Luckily for us small kids, beer back then was sold in steel cans which we eagerly collected and stacked on top of each other to create a platform for me to stand on and would not move from my platform till the final siren. 

And on a winning day the walk home was even more fun singing the Bombers song in unison with the hundreds of supporters walking alongside me back to West Brunswick !


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