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Childhood Memories

by ds79,

Put simply, when I think of Windy Hill, I smile. From the first VFL game I attended way back in 1986 to the final AFL game there in 1991 against the Brisbane Bears it has provided so many memorable times. Often we'd pile into the car after VicKick, drive the short journey and park at a friends place who lived round the corner. We'd precariously walk single file across the rickety footbridge praying it didn't collapse beneath us. Once we made it safely across we could see the Showers Pavillion and it was at that time the kids in the group started to rehearse their excuses to use on the usher in order to sneak in and sit at the very back row as our dads stood in front of the Social Club.

I remember being there as Simon Madden was chaired off in his 300th game in 1988, revelling in a 25 goal thrashing of the Eagles in mid-1989, playing Little League against Carlton in 1990 and then again in that final game in 1991, wondering where the windsock went as the Crows visited Windy Hill for the only time in 1991, getting stuck right into Karl Langdon and the Eagles along with the other 20,000 Essendon fans in 1991 and trying desperately to stop Steven Clark's after the siren shot for Melbourne sailing through with the other 10,000 who'd jumped the fence at the Napier Street end.

Later on, as my siblings attended swimming lessons I'd go out and have a kick on the oval before training started. I'd also go and watch the EDFL Finals that were held on the pristine grass every September and later on would attend functions in the clubs function room.

On and off the field Windy Hill has provided me and so many other Bombers fans with memories that we will never forget and it is an iconic feature of the City of Moonee Valley

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