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My last visit for footy

by Voltaire,

I remember the last football game I saw there was a VFA Grand Final between Coburg and Williamstown in 1989. It was a warm day and the atmosphere was joyful. My memory is that people were very friendly and I know I ran in to various characters as I went around the ground. I might be wrong but I think the peanut man was patrolling the boundary. Phil Cleary's Coburg had been dominant for a few seasons but most of the crowd were supporting Willy. Coburg won the game but Willy's supporters seemed to have their own victory in one of the nearby hostelries after the game.

Every time I go past the Windy Hill site now am struck by how forbidding the large brick structures are. I have used the gym, pool and social facilities but have never found the site welcoming. Increasing the evidence of .and access to, the green spaces within its boundaries should be a priority in any reimagining.

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