What will happen to the existing JA Fullarton Pavilion and Dog Club buildings?

    The existing JA Fullarton pavilion and Dog Club buildings will be demolished following the construction of the new pavilion.

    Will residents still be able to use the oval during the construction period?

    Yes, residents and community groups will still have access to the sport oval during the construction period.

    How much will the pavilion cost to build?

    A construction budget has been allowed within Councils long term capital works program but may be adjusted in response to final design and Councils budgetary processes.

    What happens if Council is unsuccessful in obtaining funding for this project?

    Should Council be unsuccessful in obtaining funding for this project, the project will remain in the Long-Term Capital Works Plan for 2027 – 2029.

    Where will the building be located?

    In accordance with the Aberfeldie Park Master Plan, the pavilion is proposed to be located at the ground level, overlooking the East oval.

    What will the building include?

    • 4 x female friendly change rooms and amenities
    • DDA compliant facilities
    • Medical room
    • Scorers box
    • Unisex umpire amenities 
    • Kitchen and bar 
    • Internal and external storage 
    • Office space 
    • Social spaces 
    • Lift
    • Curators shed 

    How is this different to the current JA Fullarton Pavilion?

    The current pavilion does not include:

    • Female friendly change rooms and amenities
    • Scorers box
    • Medical room
    • Unisex umpire’s amenities 
    • DDA compliant facilities
    • Lift 

    What will the building look like?

    The pavilion will be double storey and will be designed to fit in with the natural landscape and surrounds of Aberfeldie Park. Concept designs have been provided, with detailed designs to follow.