1. What will the streetscapes look like?

    Keilor Road Streetscape Plan envisages a streetscape design that is attractive to the wide spectrum of the forecast population with strong focus on walkability, safety and comfort of the ageing and vulnerable population.

    2. What is happening now?

    The Keilor Road Streetscape Plan has now been drafted and we are seeking community input into the draft plan.  

    3. When will the streetscape be constructed?

    The streetscape construction is dependent on Council Budget process but the project team is working towards a timeline for construction to commence in late 2021.

    4. What part of Keilor Road is included in this Plan?

    The general principles apply to the whole of the western end of Keilor Road, Niddrie. However the concept plan and works planned in short term extend from Matthews Ave to Hoffmans Road.  Works east of Hoffmans Rd to Graves St will be considered in future.