Who is the planning authority?

    This amendment has been prepared by Moonee Valley City Council, which is the planning authority for this amendment.

    The Amendment has been made at the request of Debra Butcher Consulting Pty Ltd on behalf of Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Pty Ltd.

    What is the land affected by the Amendment?

    The Amendment applies to Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School at 17-29 Leslie Road, 8 Sherbourne Street and 18-22 Sherbourne Street, Essendon.

    What does the Amendment do?

    The Amendment proposes to replace an existing Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO) and Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Master Plan 1998-2008 (the 1998 Master Plan) with a Development Plan Overlay (DPO) and new Lowther Hall Master Plan 2017-2027 (2017 Master Plan) to guide the future development of the school until 2027.   

    Specifically, the amendment proposes to:

    • Amend Map 12IPO to remove the Incorporated Plan Overlay Schedule 6 from the site;
    • Insert new Map 12DPO to apply the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 9 to the site;
    • Amend Schedule 6 to Clause 43.03 Incorporated Plan Overlay to delete reference to Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School and retain reference to Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School only;
    • Insert a new Schedule 9 “Lowther Hall School Master Plan” to Clause 43.04 Development Plan Overlay;
    • Amend Clause 72.03 to include reference to Map 12DPO; and
    • Amend Clause 72.04 to delete Incorporated Plan Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Master Plan 1998-2008.

    Pursuant to the requirements of Schedule 9 to the Development Plan Overlay, a Master Plan has been prepared for the School in support of this amendment.  It is noted that a Development Plan prepared pursuant to a DPO is not typically the subject of a formal exhibition process.  In this instance, however, it is considered that including the Master Plan as part of the supporting material for the amendment is important to enable the local community to understand the School’s vision for the site and to ensure transparency of process and to assist in testing the requirements of the DPO Schedule.  Accordingly, the 2017 Master Plan forms a supporting document to this Amendment and it is intended that this Master Plan will ultimately form the endorsed Development Plan required by DPO9.

    Why is the Amendment required?

    The primary purpose of this amendment is to enable the replacement of the 1998 Master Plan with a new master plan, the 2017 Master Plan, to provide transparency, certainty and appropriate guidance for the future physical development of the School to 2027.  

    The School’s current master plan, the Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Master Plan 1998-2008, was approved by the Minister for Planning in 1998 and became an Incorporated Plan under the Planning Scheme. Its purpose was to consider the medium to long term needs of the School, provide a level of certainty to relevant planning authorities and the surrounding community and provide an implementation plan for the master plan’s outcomes.

    The Incorporated Document is now out of date and no longer reflects the extent of the School’s future development plans.  

    As noted above, the purpose of the amendment is to remove and replace the existing IPO with a DPO, and to remove the 1998 Master Plan as an Incorporated Document under the Planning Scheme.   

    In the place of the former incorporated plan, a new 2017 Master Plan is proposed to be endorsed as a Development Plan pursuant to the requirements of Clause 43.04 of the Planning Scheme.

    Given the existing IPO and incorporation of the 1998 Master Plan, there is no alternative means to facilitate the proposed change in the planning control and approval of the new Master Plan except by an amendment to the planning scheme. 


    When are the Panel hearings?

    In accordance with clause 4(2) of Ministerial Direction No.15 the following panel hearing dates have been set for this amendment:

    • directions hearing:  To commence in the week of 14 December, 2020
    • panel hearing:   To commence in the week of 18 January, 2021