Who can name a road?

    Subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989 and the Road Management Act 2004, the main road naming authorities (coordinating road authorities) in Victoria are:

    ·  councils

    ·  VicRoads

    ·  State Government departments or authorities (including Port of Melbourne, Alpine Resort Management Boards, Places Victoria and Parks Victoria).

    Both the Road Management Act 2004 and the Local Government Act 1989 allow for coordinating road authorities to name and rename roads and publish gazette notices informing of official road naming.

    These Acts however state that, in all instances, the road authorities must act in accordance with the Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016.

    Why is this renaming being investigated?

    Council will not name currently unnamed laneways or rename an existing road without due cause.

    It is acknowledged, that from time to time, a planning permit or subdivision will result in a dwelling whose primary access is to an existing road or unnamed laneway.

    In these circumstances it may be necessary for Council to:

    -  adjust or to modify existing street numbers where development or redevelopment occurs in an established area or where historic anomalies exist

    -  name the laneway or rename the existing road in order to provide the new development or redevelopment with a practical and easily recognisable street address

    What is street addressing?

    Provides for a consistent, clear and logical approach to street numbering within Moonee Valley to ensure that all properties can be identified easily and to assist home owners, the general public, service providers and emergency services to identify individual properties.

    The allocation of street numbers to properties is determined by Council in accordance with the Australian Standard: AS/NZS4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing (Standards).

    Where there are no address numbers available for an address site due to existing allocations, the Standards provide for alpha suffixes to be assigned. Alpha suffixes start at A and cannot extend beyond E.

    Alpha suffixs cannot be assigned to this development as the total number of properties requiring a number exceeds five.

    When will a change of street address be affective?

    A change in street address will not occur immediately. The naming process must first be completed and Council will consult with the owners and occupiers of the affected properties where a change in street address is being considered.

    If a change is deemed appropriate by Council, properties affected by the change will be offered the following assistance: 

    -  Financial compensation (up to $250 per affected property)

    -  Provision of a new letterbox numeral 

    Council will organise for notifications to be sent to local, state-wide and national bodies including Australia Post, mapping agencies, power, telecommunication and water authorities, Australian Electoral Commission, VicRoads and emergency services agencies