What is a SUZ2?

    The SUZ2 is a special use zone that provides for areas in private ownership to be used and developed for racecourse facilities, and a range of other uses compatible with the racecourse use. It further encourages the orderly planning and development of these facilities and other uses in a manner which does not adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood and encourages consolidation of the existing urban area.

    What is the role of the Master Plan?

    The Master Plan is an information requirement of SUZ2. It will guide the redevelopment of the Moonee Valley Racecourse site and inform how critical racing and event activities are to be carried out and managed.

    All permit approvals within the Moonee Valley Racecourse site will need to be consistent with the objectives set out in the approved Master Plan.

    The SUZ2 sets the building envelope parameters for the new grandstand building. The Master Plan has been prepared to provide details on: 

    • The racetrack realignment and general site arrangement. 
    • The siting of the Grandstand and Clubhouse. 
    • Access arrangements for typical non-racing and racing events for all modes of transport. 
    • In-field activation opportunities and access to the public. 
    • Staging and event management. 

    Are there plans that need to be approved by Council as a requirement of the SUZ2?

    The Master Plan is one of a suite of plans that Council is required to approve as outlined in SUZ2. Other plans required for endorsement include:

    • A Staging Plan
    • An Integrated Transport Plan for the Racecourse 
    • A Serviced Engineering Infrastructure Plan
    • An Environmentally Sustainable Design Plan
    • A Construction Management Plan
    • Event Management Plan

    These documents are approved at officer level. A diagram showing the various zones and approval requirements for the precinct is in the document library.

    Will planning permits be required for new buildings and works?

    Yes. Planning permits will be required for new buildings and works however any application that meets the requirements within the SUZ2 and is consistent with the Master Plan will not require public notification under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Note that this is the same as the adjacent Activity Centre Zone whereby applications for residential development that are within the building envelope do not require public notification.

    What are the building heights?

    Under the SUZ2, the following building envelopes applies:

    • Building height = 26 metres.
    • Setbacks = 6 metres to the street.
    • Street wall height = 20 metres (6 storeys) with building elements above that height set back at an angle of 45 degrees (1:1) from the street wall up to a maximum of 26 meters.

    What will happen to the infield?

    The long-term vision for the infield is a sporting and recreation precinct that can be used in conjunction with the MVRC’s ongoing requirements, and car parking. Detailed planning for the interior can commence at a point in time when the Master Plan has been approved.

    How will events be managed?

    The Master Plan includes an associated Event Management Plan which will steer event operations, providing internal and external event stakeholders with an overview of the key arrangements for their particular event(s). It also provides relevant information to satisfy event-related permit requirements of Council. All events will be managed in accordance with COVIDSafe requirements.

    The event Management Plan outlines Victorian event industry best practice principles and the considerations for managing events. It addresses the implications for the varying types and sizes of MVRC events, such as: 

    •         Non-racing functions and events expected to attract more than 400 people. 

    •         Racing events expected to attract more than 5,000 people. 

    •         The annual W.S. Cox Plate event which in previous years has attracted between 30,000 to 38,000 people. 

    How will traffic and car parking be managed?

    The Master Plan shows how vehicles will move in and out of the site. The majority of vehicle movements will be via the existing Dean Street entrance. Some vehicles and services will be accessed via Wilson Street.

    Public car parking will be retained in the interior of the track.

    How will helicopter movements be managed?

    When there are more than eight helicopter flights in thirty days and/or four flights in a twenty-four-hour period or flights are close to a sensitive use, a planning permit will be required to be issued by Council. The Master Plan identifies a helicopter landing site in a location at the eastern end of the site.

    What was involved in the Planning Scheme Amendment process in 2013?

    In 2013, a detailed Planning Scheme Amendment process was undertaken that involved:

    • Rezoning the 9-hectare area at the west of the site, to facilitate a large scale residential and mixed-use development. This is within the Activity Centre Zone (ACZ).
    • The redevelopment of the racetrack, and grandstand. This is within the Special Use Zone (SUZ2).

    The Planning Scheme Amendment included an extensive planning process that facilitated community engagement, Council involvement and an Independent Advisory Committee to define planning controls. Following the Advisory Committee process the Minister for Planning amended the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

    Works have commenced on the residential element known as Moonee Valley Park. This is being undertaken by Hamton/HostPlus. The MVRC are now undertaking the necessary requirements to facilitate the upgrade of the racecourse.

    A diagram showing the various zones can be viewed in the document library. A diagram showing the approval requirements for the Planning Scheme Amendment can be viewed in the document Library.