Why is Council doing this work?

    The need for a new Library and Community hub for Niddrie is driven by the following:

    • The lease for the existing Niddrie Library is time-limited. The facility is operating at capacity and is no longer fit-for-purpose. It is not able to accommodate the full range of programs and activities, and is not well integrated with other complementary facilities and services.
    • The Keilor Road/Essendon North Neighbourhood is changing, with a growing population and an increasing proportion of young families. This will increase demand for community facilities, services and public open space in the area.
    • Delivering on our long-term strategy for Moonee Valley, MV2040, which includes a capital project to ‘deliver a vibrant new community hub in Niddrie, including a new library and flexible community spaces’.

    The new library and community hub will enable Council to meet the needs of the multiple generations of Niddrie residents in a permanent location.

    What will be included in the new library and community hub?

    Niddrie Library and Community Hub will be a new multipurpose community hub, and home of different services, including the Niddrie library. It is expected that the facility will have indoor and outdoor spaces, and we want the community to help us shape them. For this, we need to know what you love and what is missing, we want to know what would make Niddrie Town heart a place you can find the local services and activities you need, a place you love to spend time.

    What is the time frame to deliver the project?

    The Visioning process will run for 12 months and will be divided into 3 stages, as below

    Stage 1 Community consultation (April - August)

    This will be the first stage of the visioning process, and will focus in collecting ideas from the community. For this, we will set up a display in the library to inform and collect information. We will conduct targeted engagements with local community groups, businesses and other stakeholders. At the same time, we will continue the online discussion via this page. 

    This stage will run between April and August 2020, if you represent a local community group, agency or business and want to get involved, please contact the Project Coordinator. 

    Stage 2: Testing the Draft Vision (November - January)

    We will use the feedback gathered through Stage 1 to prepare a draft vision. Towards the end of 2020, we will come back to the community to test the key ideas and themes that form the draft vision. 

    Stage 3: Final Vision (February - March)

    Further information captured in stage two of the consultation will be reviewed and will be used to refine the final vision document. We hope to finalise the vision early in 2021.

    What is the proposed site for the new library and community hub?

    No site has been selected for the location of the new library and community hub., The community vision will help to guide Council regarding the requirements for the project and an analysis of suitable sites based on the vision will be undertaken at a future stage of the project planning.

    What ideas will be considered as part of the visioning?

    We want to deliver a library and community hub that is functional, attractive and contributes to a sense of place for Niddrie. We aim to accommodate a range of uses and create a welcoming place that people want to spend time. All ideas are welcome as part of the visioning process no matter how bold they are. Who knows, maybe that “crazy idea” might be something everyone will need in the future.