What is the precinct plan?

    The Quinn Grove Reserve Precinct Plan will set a plan for the Reserve to meet the future needs of the community. Planning across the whole precinct will ensure that the facilities at Essendon Keilor College - Keilor East Campus are considered and that the impacts of the redeveloped East Keilor Leisure Centre are factored in to minimise the potential for conflict, to streamline access and ensure that access to participation in a range of activities is as efficient as possible.

    What will be included in the precinct plan?

    In addition to the existing uses of scouts, tennis and soccer, we are planning to explore a number of other sport and recreation opportunities at this location, and will be consulting with the community on these in early 2019. We will be specifically exploring demand for indoor court sports (such as basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton and gymnastics).  Opportunities to expand the use of the synthetic sports field will also be considered along with other recreational activities (such as facilities for walking and outdoor fitness). Car parking, vehicle and pedestrian access, signage, lighting and other elements that contribute to the safe and easy use of the precinct will be planned for. The need to protect the impact of any development on surrounding residents will be paramount.

    What are the stages and timelines for this project?

    The precinct plan will be completed during 2019.  Consultation with reserve users, residents and other stakeholders is an important part of completing the plan in addition to working in partnership with the Essendon Keilor College - Keilor East Campus.  Consultation will help to inform a needs assessment, identify issues and opportunities for the precinct and generate ideas for the future.  A draft plan with concept drawings will be prepared which will then be tested through further consultation.  Once finalised, the plan will guide development priorities to achieve the community’s vision for the precinct.  Council will be asked to endorse the plan so that funding can be sought to start the works in future years.

    When will any construction start?

    The precinct plan will include priorities for action, calculation of costs and suggested timelines.

    Given that the precinct plan is the start of the process, it is likely that any major construction projects will take a number of years as they need to incorporate detailed design, community consultation and then construction – all of which rely upon the allocation of funding.

    How does the precinct plan relate to the East Keilor Leisure Centre?

    This project will not affect the East Keilor Leisure Centre redevelopment. Any plans for the Quinn Grove precinct will complement the new leisure centre.