What is the project?

    Ensuring that the Maribyrnong River Precinct continues to provide a natural, beautiful environment and rich sporting, recreational and cultural experiences for generations to come is a key priority for Council. The project aims to create a single, agreed long term vision for the Maribyrnong River Precinct (including the land that stretched the river from Aberfeldie Park to Maribyrnong Park) in Aberfeldie.  The vision will guide future development of the space. Before planning to make any improvements to the precinct, Council wants to understand what the priorities are and know that the users and the community share the same ideas for the future.

    Why is Council doing this project?

    The opportunity exists to think about how the River Precinct should be used in the future, who the users should be and what it should look like due to the following:

    ·  Council has just completed its long term strategic plan, MV2040.  A key part of this vision is ensuring our community are able to enjoy beautiful spaces such as the Maribyrnong River and the plan outlines an action to create the Maribyrnong River Cultural Precinct as a vibrant events destination.

    ·  The use of the River is changing, with the emergence and growth of women’s sport and an increasing population in Moonee Valley.

    ·  The facilities continue to age and at the same time, expectations of the community continue to increase for high quality public spaces.

    What happened to the old masterplans?

    The old masterplans for Aberfeldie Park (2013) and Maribyrnong River (2011) will still influence the future of the parks. The vision will be the umbrella above those plans and any future development should be aligned with the new vision.

    Why is this long term, what is happening in the short term?

    To fully realise the vision of the Maribyrnong River Cultural Precinct significant planning is required to ensure any decisions are well considered. Some elements could be implemented more quickly than others. This process will determine priority projects for the foreseeable future towards 2040.

    I don't want the rivier to change - it's an icon.

    The community and users of the Maribyrnong River will guide what the precinct looks like in the future, through this project. If you love the River, tell us why, so it can be considered as part of this project.

    What ideas could be included in the plan for the future?

    We are planning to explore a number of sports and recreation opportunities at this location, and will be consulting with the community in early 2019. Broadening community access to and use of the site is something we will explore.

    At this early stage of the project all ideas are being considered, no matter how bold!  There are many possibilities and it is exciting to think about what is needed in the area, and how the River can continue to be a significant sport and recreation facility that the whole community is proud of.

    What are the timelines for any redevelopment?

    This is a long term project that is just at the beginning.  The visionary work will be completed in late 2019.  Further work may be considered after this project, including:

    1. Developing an improvement plan to realise the vision.

    2. Seeking funding to implement the improvement plan.

    3. Further studies to support the strategic direction.

    4. Detailed design of the key improvement projects.

    5. Construction of any agreed improvements.

    This process is expected to take many years and is a long term focus.

    When do we get to see the new vision for the Maribyrnong River precinct?

    A vision document will be prepared based on the consultation and engagement.  It is planned for completion and release for consultation in late 2019

    What else is Council planning for in this precinct?

    Central to Council’s planning is the 20 minute neighbourhood which is designed to provide residents will all needs catered for within a 20 minute walking, cycling or via public transport area.  The needs of a 20 minute neighbourhood in Aberfeldie will be considered in the vision for the River Precinct.

    What are some of the main issues and opportunities Council will consider?

    The creation of a vision for the future of the River Precinct will be guided by the community and users. It is likely that the following matters will be raised for consideration:

    ·  Ageing facilities at the reserves and the need to improve, redevelop or consolidate facilities to improve the amount of public open space.

    ·  Future facility needs of the user groups

    ·  The concept of multipurpose community spaces particularly supporting the Incinerator Gallery

    ·  Other equipment and facilities to support recreational use by the public

    ·  Car parking and pedestrian connections into and around the precinct

    ·  Connections to surrounding key sites, eg. schools, trading strips, trail networks, local public transport, key open space across the river and up and down from the identified site.

    ·  Landscaping and beautification of the precinct.

    ·  Environmental needs with respect to the Maribyrnong River.