We'd like to inform you about a change to how Rosehill Park is going to be used this summer.

Sporting clubs play a vital role in the delivery of sport and recreation experiences for the community.

To accommodate this summer’s sporting club pre-season training requirements, including the relocation of training from both Lebanon Reserve and Stathnaver Reserve which are closed for resurfacing, officers are intending to allocate some space for this use at Rosehill Park.

The pre-season period is between late November to the beginning of April. A portion of Rosehill park will be used by clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 5pm and 8pm during the pre-season period, as they prepare for their 2024 winter competitions.

Staff from the Sport & Recreation and the Parks & Gardens departments will work together to ensure that the surface, which is already irrigated during the summer months, remains fit for club and broader community use. This space does not have sports field lighting, and there is no proposal to install lighting or make any changes to the existing infrastructure.

In the image below, you can see the specific area of Rosehill Park that will be used by sports clubs during the pre-season period.

An ariel image of a park with a border around the centre portion of the park

We welcome your feedback on this temporary change. Feel free to contact Jess Buchanan, Advocacy and Engagement Senior advisor on yoursay@mvcc.vic.gov.au with any comments you may have.