Sport and recreation clubs have traditionally displayed sponsorship and other signage at some sports grounds and reserves in Moonee Valley.

In 2022 we consulted with the community about the proposed draft Community Standards for Signage at Sporting Grounds and Reserves. Following this consultation, the Standards were considered by Council and implemented in December 2022. Click here to view the Standards.

The aims of these Standards are to:

  • ensure the visual amenity of Council sport and recreation reserves is maintained to an agreed standard; and
  • support clubs and community groups to raise sponsorship revenue through advertising signage at reserves, where appropriate.

The Standards have now been in place for six months and in July we consulted with the community to hear their thoughts on how the implementation is going. We asked the community:

  • Do the standards strike a balance between supporting sporting clubs' ability to promote sponsors whilst maintaining the general amenity of the reserve?
  • Are there any specific amendments to the standards that Council should consider to make them better at achieving this balance?
  • Are you more or less concerned about the extent of advertising on sporting reserves since the implementation of the standards?

This survey closed on 1 August 2023, and the community consultation report has now been compiled and will be presented to Council shortly. The Standards were noted by Council on Tuesday 10 October, 2023 and are now in effect. Officers continue to work with clubs to ensure they are supported in meeting the requirements of the standards.

We thank the community for taking the time to provide their feedback.

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