Thank you to everyone who participated in this consultation. The survey is now closed.

At its meeting held on 27 February 2024, Council decided to give public notice of its intention to declare a renewal of the Special Rate and Charge scheme in Moonee Ponds.

The purpose of the Special Rate and Charge scheme is to fund promotions, advertising, marketing, business development and other expenses associated with the encouragement of commerce, retail and professional activity and employment in the business precinct.

Copies of the proposed declaration of the Special Rate and Charge and a detailed plan of the business precinct are available for inspection on our website at

Council is inviting the rateable properties within the scheme boundary to lodge submissions or objections.


Any person may make a written submission in relation the Scheme. Submissions must be lodged by 5pm on Thursday, 4 April 2024 and will be considered in accordance with section 223 of the Act.

A person making a submission is entitled to request in the submission that they wish to appear in-person, or to be represented by a person specified in the submission, at a meeting to be heard in support of the submission. Submissions will be heard by a Committee of Council at a meeting to be held on a date and at a time and place to be determined by Council, but no sooner than 16 April 2024.

Any person making a written submission under section 223 of the Act is advised that details of submissions may be included within the official Council agendas and minutes which are public documents, and which are available on Council's website.

A submission must state support for or against a renewal of the Special Rate and Charge scheme in Moonee Ponds and set out the reasons.


Any person who will be required to pay part or all of the Special Rate and Charge is entitled to exercise a right of objection under section 163B of the Act. An occupier of a property is entitled to exercise the right of objection if they submit documentary evidence with the objection, which shows that it is a condition of the lease under which the person is an occupier and that the occupier is to pay the Special Rate and Charge.

Objections must be made in writing, set out the grounds for objection in detail and be lodged with Council by 5pm on Thursday, 4 April 2024. The right of objection is in addition to the right to make a submission.