Where are current BMX and Mountain bike tracks in Moonee Valley?

    There is currently one formal BMX track in Moonee Valley, at Fanny Street Reserve, Moonee Ponds. Council has heard from the community that this requires improvement, and we are therefore seeking your feedback on this. You can submit feedback about this park in your survey answers or note it on the interactive map. 

    What is the environmental impact of the unplanned BMX/Mountain Bike tracks (those constructed without consent) in parks and open space reserves?

    It is recognised that not all bike trails result in significant damage, however Council has recorded damage across a number of parks, requiring significant repair and remediation works due to the destructive nature of the trail building related to the construction of ramps and jumps. Specific damage includes removal of vegetation that has taken years to establish, disturbance of soil, deep ditches, mounds, waste, building materials and tools left on site, all which pose a risk to the general public and other park users. 

    More importantly, some of the trails have been constructed in revegetated and culturally sensitive areas where there has been disturbance/removal of cultural heritage artefacts, significant geological features, disturbance to registered remnant native vegetation and disturbance to critical tree root zones. 

    Why can’t we just keep the unplanned BMX/Mountain Bike tracks in our parks and open space reserves?

    Park serve a variety of functions, from places for conservation and heritage, to locations for passive recreation, to sites for active sports use. Often there are competing interests in the one space, and Council hears from all members of the community about a range of different interests and priorities for parks. Whilst not everyone appreciates the BMX tracks, Council has for the time being allowed tracks to remain, if they do not pose an unacceptable risk to the public. 

    Council have undertaken a series of risk assessments of the unplanned tracks over the last few months, and will continue to close high risk sites if required. 

    What has been considered when proposing locations for BMX and Mountain Bike tracks?

    Many things have been taken into consideration as part of our initial assessment to help determine particular sites that may be feasible. Factors such as land availability, ownership, access, safety, surveillance, environmental significance, tree protection, conflicting park activities, etc. 

    Whilst nothing had been determined as yet, our initial assessment includes some initial ideas for certain activities and certain locations for the community to consider and provide feedback on. 

    All options suggested by Council and by the community will require further investigation and consultation. Furthermore, some sites are not owned by Council and would require approval from other Authorities and land owners. 

    The suggested sites and activities are not guaranteed to be implemented, and are pending funding, but we would like your input and ideas to help inform future planning of our parks.

    In addition, we have also noted sites that have been assessed as high risk and therefore are not appropriate for any of the activities - which have been flagged on the map.

    Is there a local club I can join to do BMX and/or Mountain Bike riding?

    BMX Victoria have a list of local oppourtunities https://www.bmxv.com.au/

    What skating projects have been completed since the Feasiblity Study in 2009?

    The Rosehill Skate Park has been completed and built, as a result of this study. 

    The remaining recommended skate projects from that report have not yet been implemented. Whilst the original study involved community consultation and detailed assessment of supply and demand, we are taking this opportunity to see what the current level of community support is for these potential projects which include: 

    • Redevelopment of the Boeing Reserve Skate facility 
    • Potential new centralised skate facility/youth space in Moonee Ponds 
    • Potential new district skate facility/youth space at Airport West Westfield 
    • Potential new skate space at Windy Hill 
    • Potential new youth infrastructure at Valley Youth Space.

    The survey includes a question about the above listed potential projects.