Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback for this consultation. The consultation has now closed has now closed while we consider feedback received.

Any future decision will be made at a meeting of Councillors, after considering a wide variety of information including Council and Victorian Government reports, community consultation processes, Council polices and guiding principles (such as the MV2040 strategy). Follow this page to keep up to date with future decisions.

Thank you to everyone who provided their valuable feedback during the community consultation period, through online surveys, emails and face-to-face at the pop-up we held on 19 May in Aberfeldie Park. Your views are invaluable for us when planning for future facilities and resources in Moonee Valley.

Please note that the final decision will not be based solely on a vote, or preference that may have arisen through this consultation process, but will consider a wide range of information and factors. It is also important to note that the decision making authority sits with Council and will be made at a Council Meeting. All Council decisions are made using a wide range of information including Council and State reports, community consultation processes, Council policies and guiding principles (such as the MV2040 strategy). The input of community is an important part of this comprehensive decision-making process.

Aberfeldie Park, located alongside the Maribyrnong River, is a hub for diverse community activities. From sports clubs to avid runners, walkers, and even dog training enthusiasts, the park accommodates a range of interests. Its draw extends to those seeking moments of quiet contemplation in its tranquil corners, as well as to children and adults reveling in playful adventures.

The Aberfeldie Park Master Plan 2013 was prepared to ensure the appropriate and coordinated future development and management of Aberfeldie Park for the benefit of future generations. The Master Plan continues to be progressively implemented.

Throughout 2020 local riders created bike jumps in the park. These jumps that people have built are cool, but they weren't planned, so they might not be safe and are built on a flood-prone site that is proposed for a wetland. Those are a few reasons why it's important for us to plan properly for biking areas in our parks.

Following a Council resolution in 2021, Council has undertaken background investigations which identified Aberfeldie Park as a possible location for a mountain bike nature trail in Moonee Valley.

We're keen to understand from our community if you support the inclusion of bike facilities in Aberfeldie Park and if you have any feedback about what these bike facilities may look like.