Flemington Works successfully appointed 16 Community Advisors from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and life stages. The Community Advisors shaped the first stage of a community led, collective impact project. We are now in stage two, with expressions of interest open to join our longer term Leadership Table.

Flemington Works Community Advisors aimed to strengthen community input and identify a shared community aspiration on Flemington Estate. Many other projects have taken place in Flemington over the years, however this is a new approach that puts community at the table with service providers and funders to work on a single improvement.

Community Advisors play an important role within Flemington Works by providing the lived experience perspective. They will assist during the project establishment phase between now and February. They will provide advice and feedback; communicate with and advocate for communities; and actively participate in three induction workshops and four decision-making events.

Knowledge and skills required

  • have experience as a resident of the Flemington Housing Estate
  • have good English skills
  • are willing to share ideas and provide feedback
  • can work with others, network and communicate clearly
  • can set aside self-interest to represent a collective view
  • can give unbiased information to other residents / decision-making group accurately

Member commitment and remuneration

Successful representatives were required to attend a series of three induction workshops in September/October 2023 ahead of four half-day events scheduled for late October, November, December 2023 and February 2024. Meetings of the community representatives also occurred between events. Please refer to the Timeline section for further details.

The project was a considerable undertaking requiring a commitment to nearly 30 hours. As a result, successful candidates were paid for their participation. Reimbursement was in line with the Flemington Works community reimbursement process. For this opportunity, the rate is $35/hour: 3x 2hr induction workshops $210; 4 x 4hr decision-making events $560; and 3x 2hr Advisor workshops $210. Please note, you must be available for all sessions.

Expressions of interest for this group have now closed. Please contact Hajira Soliman if you have any questions using the details on this page.