The application process has now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. We will consider all applications thoroughly and get back to every applicant in due course.

Do you live or are you connected to the Flemington Estate and want to make a difference in your community?

We are looking for four people to join our new Leadership Table. This initiative will help improve services in Flemington and place the community's voice at the centre. As a member, you will help to choose projects that will improve life for everyone in the community. If you are passionate and want to help change how things work in your community. We would love to have you on board!

As a Leadership Table member, you'll have the chance to develop some of the following skills.

  • Working in a professional environment
  • Gaining confidence in public speaking
  • Chairing and co-chairing meetings
  • Making strategic decisions
  • Building your network

Successful community members will receive training and support from the Flemington Works team.

Who will be part of the Leadership Table?

The Leadership Table will involve members from the community, local service providers and funding and policy partners.The group will be responsible for encouraging partner organisations and the community to work together to achieve the community's aspiration:

“A united, educated community with active leadership and inclusive representation shaping a healthier tomorrow.”

Time Commitment

The Leadership Table will hold meetings at least once a month, lasting at least two hours. The meetings will start in July 2024 and continue until June 2025. The Leadership Table will decide how often meetings will be held. Initially, the Leadership Table may meet more regularly until it is established.

Selected community members participating in the Leadership Table will receive further training in June 2024. All participants will be offered a $35 per hour honorarium as compensation for their time through a visa card.

Selection Criteria: The knowledge, abilities and personal characteristics that will be used when choosing Leadership Table members.

  • Connection to Flemington Housing Estate: residents, past residents, and family members who live in Flemington or are part of a community that is active in Flemington.
  • Good English level
  • Have some experience in community work (e.g., volunteered, member of a community group, relevant qualification, or worked for a community organisation).
  • Demonstrated experience working as part of a team or group setting.

To be selected for the Leadership Table, members must demonstrate the skills required for participation. We are looking for a diverse group of people. It is important that all members work well together, so a group interview may be conducted to check group dynamics. All members selected will have a probationary term of up to three months. Flemington Works, with the Chairs of the Leadership Table, can end individual participation if necessary.

Applications have been extended to Wednesday the 5th of June

Need more information or support?

If you require additional information or assistance with your application, don't hesitate to contact one of the council officers listed under "Who's Listening" on this page.