Flemington Works is funded by the Victorian Government’s Community Revitalisation Program. This initiative has been funded since 2018. Flemington Works collaborates with the local community to increase social and economic inclusion for residents living at the Flemington Estate.

Flemington Works is collaborating with residents, service providers, and funders/policy partners using a new approach called collective impact. This approach looks at ways to create lasting change that improves social and economic inclusion. The aim is to unite everyone involved in Flemington's development. This way everyone works towards a single goal.

In 2023, Flemington Works hosted workshops bringing together residents from diverse cultural backgrounds. Local service providers and funders/policy partners were also invited. The aim of these workshops was to develop a vision for the Flemington Estate.

Workshop participants have come up with the following vision:

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Click here to access a short survey and provide your feedback. This survey will remain open until the end of January 2024.

Your responses will let us know if we need to change the vision. Once the vision is finalised, we'll then develop a plan for achieving the vision, checking in with Flemington Estate residents through further community conversations along the way.