How will the amendment affect the community and key stakeholders?

    The amendment proposes to introduce strategic directions and policy and that will apply to use and development in all land in Moonee Valley. Underpinning this re-write is MV2040. By incorporating MV2040 in the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme we’re ensuring that the key strategic planning, land use and development objectives for our city relevant, up to date and reflect the feedback we gathered from the community during two years.

    Why is Council pursuing this amendment?

    The statutorily required Moonee Valley Planning Scheme Review was presented at the Council Ordinary Meeting on 26 June 2018. The review noted that the current content of the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) is in many cases outdated, poorly phrased or a duplicate of State Government policy. The key recommendation was to comprehensively re-write the MSS to align with the MV2040 Strategy. As such, Council resolved to undertake Amendment C193.

    What do the recent State Government reforms on the planning schemes mean for Moonee Valley?

    On 11 July 2018, Council received correspondence from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) notifying that Amendment C193 required further review. This was due to DELWP’s impending changes (at the time) to the form and content of planning scheme and its likely impact to Amendment C193. On 31 July 2018, the Minister approved reforms to the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) via Amendment VC148 as part of its Smart Planning program. The reforms introduce a new integrated Planning Policy Framework (PPF) which will see state, regional and local planning policies ‘nested’ into a policy framework that is more consistent and logical to use. As a result, the PPF local content and related changes will be prepared to translate the recently redrafted Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) into the newly required PPF format via C193.

    Why has the Amendment number changed from C195 to C193moon?

    On 27 June 2018, Council officers formally requested the Minister for Planning to authorise Amendment C195. The request was lodged via Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)’s new online Amendment Tracking System (ATS) which automatically generates amendment numbers, and explains the difference between the previous number presented to Council and the current number.